The Edison Georgetown

The heritage hotel is located at the Lebuh Leith, a road named after the Sir George Alexander William Leith who was the first lieutenant-Governor of the Prince of Wales island. It was built in 1906 and was once belong to a business tycoon Yeo Wee Gark as a family home and later was used as the Japanese Administration Center during the Japanese Occupation, an opium den, a brothel and now a luxury hotel.

Impressive courtyard

Comfort room


More photos of the hotel

Overall it is a fine hotel except that the breakfast they provided was too simple for the pricey stay (around £120++ per night for the cheapest room). They served you in a plate that contains three pieces of toast, scrambled egg with one lettuce leaf and two halved cherry tomato.

Tough luck if you are gluten intolerant and a vegan.

Places to visit around the hotel

Opposite the Edison hotel is an astonishing heritage building and hotel, Blue Mansion.

Love Lane

The local believed that the name of the Love lane was taken from a British soldiers who is named Love. The area was once a brothel hub for the European and the British sailors, also a place where many wealthier man kept their mistress at and today a touristic spot where you can find many hostels, boutique hotels, souvenir shops, cafes, bars and restaurants.

China town

At the Georgetown’s China town, you will find plenty of pre-war houses, clan houses, and rows and rows of shop houses selling jades, gold and silver, traditional wear, souvenirs, Chinese medicines and many more that you can think of. There are many refurbished and modernised building that have been converted to small boutique hotels as well as cafes along the Campbell Street, Muntri Street, King Street and Chulia Street.


Trishaws used to be easily sighted in the Georgetown area. It was used since 1950s. However, it started to phase out when more and more residents drives, and the local council has provided better and affordable public transportation system for the residents. E-hailing companies such as Grab and AirAsia Ride also a popular choice to move around in the island. Therefore, trishaws are more attracted to the tourists who wish to experience the ride in the Georgetown.

Today, not many trishaws left. It is now part of the remains of the city’s living heritage.

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