Tolendos is one of the smallest island of the Dodecanese. Kalymnos was joined to Kalymnos but separated after the earthquake in the 6th century AD. You can reach there by ferry from Mirties, Kalymnos. The ferry cost from Mirties to Tolendos is 2€ each way and take less than 15 minutes journey to arrive.

If you would hike a little and walk around, you will find plenty of archeological sites still remain in the island. Roman theatre and burial site is normally built outside the city wall. And up on the hill, there lies a theatre site and also burial site. This probably explain that the island was indeed connected to Kalymnos at a point of time and separated after Romans built the city.

Plenty of hiking trails in the island. The hike can be rough and tough but if you come prepared with a good pair of hiking shoes, you can do it.

After the long day hiking around, I jump into the sea for a swim and have a cold Frappe to end the day before hopping on the next boat to return to Mirties.

View taken from the hillside near Mirties

Harbour front

View from Hillside, Tolendos

Mirties Village from Tolendos

Tolendos beach over looking at Mirties village

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