Where the Time Began, Greenwich

Greenwich is where the Eastern and Western Hemisphere meet and also home to a World Heritage Site. Greenwich is located in South East London. You can travel from Central London to Greenwich by riverboat, train, tube and DLR.

I arrived early and I first visit the Cutty Sark. Cutty Sark was one of the fastest ship during its time, and it is used to transport the tea from Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, to Britain and later ship to America. It was also used as wool trade from Australia for many years. Britain used to have plenty of the clipper ships at that time and today only preserved one as a museum ship in Greenwich.

There are free things to do in Greenwich such as visiting the National Maritime Museum, Old Royal Naval College and Queen’s House. You can also walk around the Greenwich Park and the Royal Observatory, home to Greenwich for a spectator view.

National Maritime Museum

It is worth visiting the museum. There are 14 different galleries to explore. The actual uniform of the Admiral Nelson wearing and fatally wounded at the battle of Trafalgar is also display in the museum. A bullet hole on the right top of his shoulder can be clearly seen.

Queen’s House

The Armada portrait is one of the most known Queen Elizabeth I’s portrait. Three surviving Armada portraits are display in the Queen’s house. These three paintings were create to commemorate her victory over the Spanish Armada. In the picture, there is a crown. under the crown is a globe. The Queen’s fingers point towards America, suggesting Britain’s quest to expand the empire.

Royal Observatory

The Shepherd Gate Clock is the first clock ever to show Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) directly to the public. It has 24 hour on its face instead of the usual 12. That is why Greenwich is also known as the place where the time began.

Old Royal Naval College

Old Royal Naval College is the site where Tudor Palace in Greenwich is located and it is also where Henry VIII and Elizabeth I were born.

After finished visiting the Old Royal Naval College, I walked through the Greenwich Foot Tunnel that runs beneath the river Thames between the Greenwich and the Island Garden in the Isle of Dogs.

I walked from Island garden to Canary Wharf. Canary Wharf is another business district in London where many financial headquarters is located at. There are many premier apartments, retails shops, cafes and bars around.

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