Lindos, Rhodes

Lindos is known for its clifftop Acropolis. The temple of Athena Lindia sits above an earlier temple and at the lower site is the 14th century castle of Knights of Saint John.

Acropolis of Lindos

There is a saying that the trip to Rhodes is not complete without visiting to Lindos. Lindos was one of the 3 important town in the old days and the archeological site is an important one. However, as the area is preserved and maintain much better to attract and to cater for the tourist, it is much commercialise now and loss its authenticity of the village itself.

The site open at 8am and would recommend to visit at the earliest to avoid the crowd. The earliest bus is 6:15am operate by KTEL from the old town to Lindos. The journey is around 1 hour and 45 minutes.

It is like a rabbit Warren to pass through the market and villagers’ home before reaching the site. There is an alternate route which is the old Roman road on the left side. Either way will bring you to the entrance gate of the site.

Church of Panagia


As you are walking down from the Acropolis, you will pass through a village with lots of shops, restaurants and cafe around.

Donkey ride

There are Donkey for rent to carry passengers to the Acropolis. The Acropolis is not far from the village and is reachable by foot easily and do not see the reason why there is a need to rent a donkey. Poor Donkey!

White wash village

Ancient Theatre

Lindos beach

St Paul’s Bay

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