Chalki, also known as Halki, is a small island near Rhodes, around 30 minutes boat ride from the Kamiros Skala port. It is a low profile island but rich with history. Many places in the island unfortunately can only be reached by foot only.

Nimborio is the island’s only town today and that’s where the harbour is located. There is only couple hundred of population and therefore it is mainly a tourist island and the sea water is a lot cleaner here.

Nimborio village, harbour view

Potamos beach

This is the closest beach to the Nimborio town.

View of Nimborio village from the hillside

Medieval Castle of Halki

The castle was built in the 14th century on the site of an ancient Acropolis by the Knight of Saint John.

View inside the castle

View around the castle

Abandoned settlement of Chorio village

It is the old capital of Halki and is situated below the Medieval castle of Halki. The village was constantly attacked by the pirates and the villagers slowly abandoned the area and today a deserted village.

Clock Tower

Church of Agios Nikolaos

Harbour view


While waiting for my ferry at the harbour, I spotted a vase under the sea bed. It looks like a big jar from the Roman times. Would it be the new discovery under the water of Halki?

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