Cream Tea @ Periwinkle Tearoom

It was a beautiful Wednesday morning. Kent and I decided to have a little walk on the hillside of the National Trust’s Hornicote Estate before having some cream tea at the Periwinkle Cottage.

There were many trails, so it is recommended to travel the are with a map. However, in the end we still got lost due to our poor sense of direction. Fortunately, we still managed to find our ways to the Memorial Hut, Bury Castle and the Selworthy beacon.

On our way to the Periwinkle Cottage, we had a good look at the nearby scenery. The Periwinkle tearoom is located in Selworthy Green, and the cottage is surrounded by the beautiful flora.

“Jam on cream or Cream on jam?”

And as the sky becomes more and more illuminated, we decided to end our little morning stroll by having some traditional cream tea at the Periwinkle Cottage’s Tearoom.

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