Innsbruck, Austria

Snowing in October is rather rare, and the day before I visited Innsbruck, many places at Alps region were pouring snow. And we were wondering if Frau Holle, also known as Mother Hulda, is making the bed. Frau Holle is a German fairy tale. and she shakes her bed and out come snow from heaven.

Innsbruck is a capital of Austria’s western state of Tyrol, is a city in the Alps that’s long been a destination for winter sports.

Obviously I was too early for skiing or snow boarding. Due to the surprise snow days ago, I able to get a spectacular view from the Nordkette Freeride Lounge. It is very relaxing just by sitting at the sun loungers having a cup of coffee at 2000m above sea level with a fantastic view of the city.

The centerpiece of Innsbruck’s medieval Altstadt (old town) is the Goldenes Dachl, an iconic, circa-1500 landmark with an elaborate Gothic balcony and copper-tiled roof. I strolled through the old town and visit the small shops. When I looked up, I can see snowy mountain, blue sky and the view was wondrous.

On my first day of arrival, I always hear the bell rings, I asked my friend where the sound coming from. He answered me “the church”. After several days, I observed and pay attention to it and noticed that it is in a pattern. I asked my Austrian friend again if he knows why the bell rings in a certain rhythm. He does not know since he was little has been hearing the bell rings. After awhile, I realised that the bell symbolise the time. On Sunday morning, all of the churches in the old town and the cathedral, Dom St Jakob, are ringing wildly, announcing the morning mass.

In Innsbruck, cathedral like St James Cathedral will ring Grassmayr Bell live everyday. For over 14 generations, Grassmayr Bell Foundry has passed on from father to son, and today has sold their bells to over 100 countries.

There is a Alpenzoo in Innsbruck. It is one of the higher elevation zoos in Europe. Apart from the animals, it also gives you the amazing mountain and city view.



I found villages, farm houses and some beautiful cottages along the way off town. If you are lucky, you will find Tyrolean cow with small eyes around. Below pictures taken from Ellmau, a small village north of Innsbruck, around 50 minutes drive.

The trip is short and I wish I were to stay longer. Will return again for its rich culture, architecture, hiking trails and more museums next time.


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